Best Tires for Toyota Camry in 2020 – Reviews with Buying Guide

When your Toyota Camry requires a new set of tires, do not make it wear ordinary tires that are not worthy. It is obvious for people to go through different hard stages to find the best tires for Toyota Camry, but it is not impossible.

Because of a wide range of manufacturers with different innovative tires, people find it very confusing to pick the right one. That is why, in this article, you will find tires that are proved to be reliable and provide excellent performances in every sector. It will provide you an upper hand in selecting the best one for your car.

Best Tires For Toyota Camry Reviews – 2021

1. Milestar MS932 Sport All Season Radial Tire


Milestar is one of the most reliable tires you can find in the market that provides an adventurous ride with superb handling and execution.

They are all-season tires with different tread designs that offer ease of driving and consistency for a prolonged period.

The tires are engineered with different technology that proffers year-round ease of aerodynamic handling. They are manufactured to be versatile to fit a wide range of vehicles.

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Also, they have channels installed for increasing steadiness and responsiveness to the road. To increase the water dispersion for supplying a prolonged tread life, the tread blocks work effectively.

The tires’ traction is increased to allow you to have a comfortable ride in any road condition. The optimized tread pattern and wide circumferential grooves make the tire more consistent in reducing traction and reducing hydroplaning. Milestar will make your ride more thrilling and comfortable because of the superb performances.

2. Yokohama Avid Touring Tire For Camry

Yokohama Avid Touring Tire For Camry

Yokohama standard tires are developed for drivers that desire smooth handling, exceptional ride quality, durability, and improved traction in every season. These tires are manufactured with a Triplex tread compound that ensures all-season traction and increases tread life.

The optimized symmetrical tread design provides tread blocks that feature silent shoulder variables that center the stability to reduce noise production and smooth handling. 

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It also includes twin steel belts constructed by nylon belt stripes with polyester body piles that provide an upper hand to the sidewall for better absorption of road vibrations and bumps.

Moreover, the circumferential grooves dissipate water efficiently from the tires to enhance wet traction. These tires are well-known for their excellent responsive handling and awesome durability.

Yokohama has always provided tires that include the highest traction to implement utmost traction on any road condition. That is why they are best for any driver who wishes to enjoy a comfortable ride.

3. Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S All-Season Tire

Cooper Discoverer

To receive exceptional all-terrain performance on any road conditions, then do not hesitate to purchase the tires from Cooper Discover. They have adopted all sorts of required technology to supply enormous features to the drivers.

The all-season driving tires offer exceptional driving performances on dirt or gravel roads. The involvement of technology has made these tires the most distinguished and unique product. 

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The adaptive-traction technology enhances the gripping strength of the tires under the most severe weather and road conditions.

Through this technology, silica-based tread compounds are input with the design to increase the tire’s all-weather capabilities. Also, the snow groove technology traps the snow in the tread pattern to allow greater traction. Besides, the secure-grip design offers improved resistance to hydroplaning and increases the stability of the vehicle.

Cooper Discoverer is always people’s favorite because of their reliable service and the advanced outcomes that their tires provide. That is why you should not back off from purchasing such amazing tires.

4. MICHELIN Premier 215/55R17 Tire For Toyota Camry

MICHELIN Premier 215/55R17 Tire For Toyota Camry

The technologist of Michelin Premier has installed innovative solutions to the tires for the drivers to enjoy the best ride. The tires are engineered to supply the greatest safety and superb control.

Michelin has tires that are specifically manufactured to provide the drivers with a smooth and quiet ride. That is because of the innovative design that provides low rolling resistance with the road surface. 

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Also, the tread blocks are positioned properly throughout the tire’s surface to increase the stability and grip of your vehicle.

The tread blocks create channels that allow easy dissipation of water and increase the tires’ wet traction that allow you to run your vehicle smoothly on any road conditions. 

Moreover, the tires’ grip-design increases the steadiness and stability of the vehicle while going through bumps on the roads. There are simply no doubts about the features that these tires proffer because they are excellent in this field.

5. Michelin Primacy MXV4 Radial Tire

Michelin Primacy MXV4 Radial Tire

Michelin Primacy is the ideal tires for drivers searching for tires that deliver a safe and comfortable ride in all seasons. The all-season tires have greater longevity along with excellent noise reduction and handling performances.

The tires come with max touch construction that improves the contact between the tire with the road and upgrades the distribution of forces during acceleration, braking, and cornering.

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 As a result, the driving performances improve, creating a smooth and comfortable ride. The tire includes magnificent technologies like control technology that utilizes computer-optimized design and incredibly precise construction to reduce vibrations for supplying the best ride to the drivers.

Also, it reduces the road noise produced more effectively than other typical tires. For enhanced gripping strength in snow and rain, the tread design is distinctive and includes numerous edges.

Michelin Primacy is the perfect one for improved braking and handling performances along with superb traction in all seasons.

6. Kumho Solus TA31 All-Season Tire

Kumho Solus TA31 All-Season Tire

If you are looking for tires that provide a quiet, comfortable, and enjoyable ride along with balanced mileage and performances, then Kumho Solus is the best one for you. They are perfect for supplying all season performances.

For improved steering response and traction, the manufacturer has included wide shoulder blocks to spread a soft contact edge and the tires with the road for excellent traction and better grip.

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It results in more perfect steering responses. Besides, to reduce the rolling resistance, the tread pattern installed is symmetric, and it is capable of reducing noise, vibration, and fuel consumption.

If you desire to run your vehicle on snowy and wet road conditions, then be assured because the siped, four-grooved tread produces stronger gripping surfaces that expel water from the central grooves and makes the tire perfect for all seasons.

Kumho Solus is always striving to provide the best to the drivers, which is why their tires are always ahead in terms of excellent features.

7. Pirelli Cinturato P7 Performance Radial Tire

Pirelli Cinturato P7 Performance Radial Tire

Pirelli Cinturato has tires that consist of unique combinations of both quality and technology to allow the rider to enjoy the best ride of their lives. These tires are desirable because of their efficient performance and safety.

Also, they tend to be environmentally friendly in terms of energy efficiency, low noise, clean air, and long wear. It includes an enhanced tread design for improving the tire’s gripping capability to provide an excellent driving experience.

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Also, the tread blocks prove to be pivotal in increasing the wet traction of the tires. Therefore, you can enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride in any road condition. The wide circumferential grooves work effectively in dissipating water efficiently from the tire surface that increases the grip and prevents hydroplaning.

Pirelli Cinturato is one of the top brands that have tires with incredible characteristics and world-class technology that are both suitable and exemplary for the drivers. A must-have for every vehicle out there!

8. Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Radial Tire

Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Radial Tire

The Goodyear Ultra Grip tires provide traction and gripping strength like no one else. Both of these features are essential and mandatory for drivers who have to run their vehicles in snowy and slippery road conditions.

These tires provide a smooth ride and are not at all loud as other typical tires. That is because of the involvement of tread design and tread compounds that are pivotal in determining the tires’ traction and gripping strength. 

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The distinctive design conveys low rolling resistance and enhances the grip-strength. The tread compounds dissipate water efficiently from the tire surfaces and improve the traction on wet surfaces.

As a result, the vehicle’s stability improves a lot because of the sturdy design of the tires. Besides, the circumferential grooves make the tire more reliable and allow it to supply a smooth ride. Goodyear Ultra Grip is the best in every sector and will ensure a comfortable ride.

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How To Choose Toyota Camry Tires

Replacing the tires of your Toyota Camry is not a simple thing. You have to consider numerous factors before purchasing a new one, starting from size, the features they offer, durability, and many more important considerations. You may be confused about what to look for when buying one, and that is why the following guide will help you a lot.


Tire size is the first thing you need to observe before purchasing tires for your Toyota Camry. It is because you need to make sure that the tires do not rub against the body panels.

It will insert unnecessary strain on your car components and will cause certain misshapen on the road, like your wheels coming off. That is why determining the tire size is critical.

Tread Pattern

There are three kinds of tread patterns in the world of tires- symmetrical, directional, and asymmetrical. Symmetrical tires have a uniform design that has the same continuous grooves all over the tire.

This pattern is common because it is durable and quiet. Asymmetrical tire tread has a concept of mixed tread patterns for a strong grip on dry and wet roads. The tread blocks here are large enough to increase the cornering capability of the vehicle.


Sidewall constructions vary from tires to tires. Many tires have wider sidewalls that proffer more responsive control compared to other tires. However, such sidewalls do not supply comfortable rides. The stiffness of the sidewalls determines the ride quality. Softer sidewalls are more comfortable, but the shorter sidewalls allow you to feel more bumps.


Sipes are the cuts on the tread blocks in the tread pattern. The main intention of Sipes is to improve the traction of the tires on roads, especially the wet ones. Sipes are more demandable in the tires of winter regions and are very common in all-season tires.

It includes biting edges that supply amazing grip when in contact with the road. However, these features cause serious damage in handling when a warm or dry road appears. That is why ultra-high performance tires do not consist of Sipes.

Tire Age

Many people usually neglect the tire age, considering it less important, but it is one of the essential factors that you need to keep in mind while purchasing new tires. You have to pay more attention if you are buying from online platforms because the age provided is usually false.

Tires tend to deteriorate after a certain period, so it is essential to keep in mind the age of the tire you are purchasing. It should not be more than six years.

Final Note

Your beloved Toyota Camry is a popular vehicle worldwide, which is why there is no shortage of tire options. You can find high-quality tires in neighboring stores or even on the internet that provides a reliable and safer driving experience.

Do not mess with your mind with the difference between the pricing because when it comes to tires, you need to pay attention to durability, traction, grip, and other driving performances.

Tires like Michelin Primacy and Cooper Discoverer are everyone’s favorite because they did not supply exemplary features and are known as reputable manufacturers because of the reliable service. 

The same goes for you. Ensure the tire you are purchasing covers all the characteristics that a tire should have, like strong traction, proper grip-strength, and extremely durable construction. So going with that thought, bring home the best set of tires for your Toyota Camry.

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