How To Remove The Spare Tire From Chevy Suburban

The Chevrolet Suburban has proven to be a dependable mode of transportation. When it applies to the SUV class, it does well. The Suburban features a lot of seating space, polished engine performance, a lot of cargo space, composed handling, as well as an intuitive touch screen, but it’s not easy to navigate. The one thing that scares everybody is having to deal with a dreaded flat tire. In this post, we’ll go over how to remove the spare tire from a Chevy Suburban in great detail.

Tools Required

  • Jack kit (without the jack)
  • Ignition key

A crowbar, as well as several square-shaped rods, are included in the jack kit, which is located under your rear bench seat. (If you do not have this package, you can get one almost everywhere.)

Hopefully, this short list will show you how easy it is to get to a spare tire, thanks to Chevy’s excellent engineers. Proceed to the back of the vehicle and execute these directions once you have these things.

Procedure for removing the spare tire from a Chevy Suburban

  1. Make your way to the truck’s back.
  2. Acknowledge the presence of the spare tire. Fall to one knee and look up as well as under the back of your truck, just behind the vehicle’s bumper. It can be seen just under the vehicle’s bumper, behind a tow hitch bar. (The grooves of the tire can be seen if you press the nose against the monitor.)
  3. Return to both feet and find the rectangular plastic cover to the passenger section of the license plate until you know you have the spare tire. Remove plastic cover, and a key opening will appear.
  4. Insert ignition key. Turn the ignition key to the right side while you are pulling a bit towards you. The lock is going to separate from the hole, and you will need to set assembly in the truck’s back. 
  5. Remove the crowbar and several rods from the Tire Changing pouch. One of the rods would have an open end that is slightly wider than the others and is flanged out on all the sides. This is usually the female end, which must be inserted into the key lock’s exposed hole.
  6. To allow enough space to pass through the bumper to hit the male end of the pulley, add an additional rod to the female end rod. (You will be able to see where the female end and male end will match if one looks through the hole.)
  7. Mate the male and female sections by inserting the rod via the hole.
  8. Attach the crowbar to the remaining end protruding from the bumper, and then turn it counter-clockwise.
  9. The pulley will be turned, and the spare tire will be lowered to the ground. Continue spinning until the tire is securely on the ground, then rotate again to give the wire some slack.

Final Note

For all drivers, getting to know how to change a flat tire is a must-have ability. If you rely on a mobile phone to rescue you in an incident on the road, there’s always the risk that you’ll forget to charge it, that it’ll be out of range, or that you’ll leave it at home. Flat tires can arise anywhere, and your mobile phone cannot serve as a substitute for knowing well how to change the flat tire. 

However, even without the gadget, there are other options for lowering the spare tire. Extenders, flathead screwdrivers, ignition keys, sockets, blocks of wood, pliers, as well as hammers are all common tools used in these methods. As a result, whether you use a factory tool or not, you can remove the spare tire in a few minutes and get back on the road easily.

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